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My Classroom & Set up Tips August 12, 2011

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School is back in session for me!

Last year I did a complete classroom makeover, (click here to see how I did it) so this year all I did was get myself more organized, make a few adjustments and improvements, and I was ready to go! I took a class last summer that inspired me to create a classroom environment that was relaxing and inviting. The idea is to make it a comfortable place for the kids and I to spend so much of our day. Although lots of colors and stuff can be fun, they can also be distracting. I save the colors and “stuff” for my smartboard lessons and the students’ creations.  When the kids and parents walked into my room for beginning of the year conferences, that is exactly the reaction I got from many families!

Walking down the hall and into my classroom

(keep reading for directions on how to make the awning)

The view from the door as you walk in

The kids sit at trapezoid tables that have desks built in underneath. It gives the kids more room to spread out, and the way the trapezoid tables fit together give us more space in the room. These 4 table groups sit 24 kids! I also have a wall flower plugged in that gives off a fresh clean smell that really adds to the ambiance!

Table center pieces

This is in the center of each table group (I have a total of 4 table groups with 6 kids at each table). In the black tubs are supplies that they all share: pencils, markers, small pencil sharpeners, a book of classroom procedures, sticky notes, and a date stamp.

Math, Science, & Writing Area

The shelf (with the books displayed on it) is my immersion area. This is a place where the kids and I bring in things that are related to what we are studying (usually a science or social studies concept) and add them to the shelf for everyone to explore during that unit. The blue tubs underneath are part of the science center. They hold bones, birds nests, rocks, shells, magnifying glasses, and anything that the kids can find that they would like to investigate more closely (as long as it is not alive or decomposing!). The tall shelf next to it holds a lot of writing supplies. Each slot will hold different colors of construction paper, and there are staplers, tape, and word dictionaries on top.  The big shelf on the other side is for our turn in basket, homework folders, and Thursday folders. On top there are more writing supplies such as dictionaries, markers, squiggly cutting scissors, sticky notes, etc. You can also see our classroom mailbox on the left. Behind the curtain is our math supplies . . .

(behind the curtain picture coming soon! I forgot to take one!)

I read Debbie Diller’s Book Math Work Stations this summer, and I’ve started using math stations the way she suggests in her book, and I love it! You can see the tubs I’m using as my math work station ($2.79 at the Container Store!), and our other math supplies. I’ve always used math centers, but I love organizing them in tubs the way Debbie Diller suggests! It’s so much easier. Everything they need is right there, and we don’t have to spend time messing around collecting all the supplies, and if they don’t finish that day, they just keep what they need in the tub and they can pick up where they left off the day before. I LOVE it!

My classroom library and listening center

Every year I have to remake the labels in my classroom library because kids are so hard on things–but not this year! My husband (who is amazing!) came up with a great idea to make the labels in my library last! (He just got tired of helping me redo them every year!)

The picture just does not do justice to how amazing these labels are! Keep reading to find out how we made them.

I also made a new discovery this summer that I think will change the organization of my library forever! I’m so excited! I have my books labeled in different ways. I have many different genres, authors, favorite series, favorite read alouds, and Guided Reading Levels — quite a variety. Because I have them grouped in many ways, it’s hard to find enough different colored stickers so the kids can keep them all straight–and they don’t. By the end of the year, I always find many books out of place. But this year should be different! I found circle stickers from 3M that you can run through the printer! I created my own labels complete with picture AND name! Now they have to get the books back in the right place (I hope)  because they have words and pictures for reference. I think this is really going to make a difference! I have the labels I made on sale at the Teacher Stuff store if you’d like to try it too! (It’s just a digital item, so you will have to buy your own stickers) Click here to buy them.

Front of room: smartboard, doc camera, meeting area (and you can see the pillows from the classroom library)

I do not have a whiteboard because I have a I have a smartboard instead, and they wouldn’t both fit. Sometimes I could really use a whiteboard too, but I have found ways around it. The frame on the wall is holding a  20×24 whiteboard where I write our agenda for the day. My room is not that big, so to make the most of my space, my meeting area and library space overlap. I don’t really use these at the same time, so overlapping them allows me to make only one big space in my room instead of two.

Classroom computers

Sorry about the quality of the picture, but I have the most beautiful view out my window! I just can’t bear to close the blinds!

Teacher Area

I don’t have my desk at the front of the room because I only sit at it when the kids aren’t in the room. I just couldn’t get rid of my desk completely because I’m not organized enough without a space to put my stuff. I did downsize several years ago to a trapezoid table which takes up much less space than the big bulky teacher’s desks we have, so I just have my stuff in a corner out of the way. I have a toolbox drawer organizer from the Container Store that I keep paperclips, sticky notes, staples, etc. in since I don’t have drawers. I actually like it so much better than drawers! It keeps me so organized!

This little corner is called “Austrailia”

In the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Alexander wants to move to Australia to get away! So if the kids are having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, (or if they aren’t feeling well) we have a mini Australia where they can take a little break and compose themselves before they come back to join the rest of the group. There are also band-aids, Vaseline, and books about getting along with others and following the rules.

Small group area: for guided reading/guided math

Once I have taught the students to work independently at their math and literacy work stations, I begin my guided groups (as I’m sure you do). I use this sign to remind students that if I am working with a group and my sign is closed, I cannot help them and they have to keep working. If they try to interrupt (which they always do in the beginning!) I just point to my closed sign and keep working with my group. It works! They learn quickly when I am available for questions and when I am not. I just got an open/closed sign at Home Depot and added stickers for what I wanted to say. The sign I got said “Come on in” on the ‘open’ side, so I just colored over it with black permanent marker. My sign has lasted for 7 years so far!

To make the little awning you see as you walk into my room you need:


-hinges or a dowel rod


-E6000 glue


-spray adhesive

-ribbon-type stuff with little balls that hang down (sorry–I have NO idea what it is called!)

I got this idea from Debbie Diller’s book Math Work Stations, and I made it my own by adding my own color scheme, so you can too!

1. Flip the hinges so they won’t close all the way, and put them under one of the flaps on the poster board so it sticks out like an awning. Use a pencil to mark the holes where the brads will go.

Poke holes where the brads will go and attach the hinges to the poster board with glue and brads . . .

We also used packing tape hold the brads flat on the back.

Now you have an awning ready to decorate! After we got this far, my husband realized that we could have accomplished the same thing by gluing a dowel rod in the bend, and that would probably be simpler!

To attach the fabric we used spray adhesive on the cardboard and smoothed the fabric over it. (I had to cut out a little window in my board so I wouldn’t cover my name plate on the wall).

Then I hot glued the finishing touches! Now I have fun, eye-catching display to welcome students and parents to my room!

To make the classroom library labels (that will never bend, rip, or tear) you need:

-your own library labels printed on cardstock

-3×4 sheet of whiteboard from Lowe’s or Home Depot

-double-sided tape

-Furniture tacks (5/8 of an inch long)

-Parks Super Glaze Pour on Finish & Preservative Ultra Gloss Epoxy from Home Depot

These labels really are so amazing! The picture really doesn’t do it justice. They were totally my husband’s idea! He is such a rock star!

These labels do take a bit of work up front, but it will be worth it because they should last you forever. We made a few mistakes and had a few practice labels we had to throw away before we got the final product, but I’m SO pleased with how they turned out! Hopefully I can give you some advice that will save you from some of our mistakes!

1. I highly recommend printing your labels on cardstock. I didn’t the first time, and when we poured on the epoxy, the corners floated up and I couldn’t use them. (Those corners were so sharp when it hardened it would have caused stitches!)

Stick the labels down to the white board using double sided tape. Make sure you get the very edges!

Pour on the epoxy, but be sure to mix it EXACTLY as the directions say. We had one batch that we did not mix properly and it didn’t set correctly–it stayed tacky, so be precise! Give it about 24 hours to set just to be safe.

Now you’re ready to cut them apart. My husband used a band saw to cut them out, but a table saw, skill saw, or jigsaw would work too.

Then take off the rough edges, and drill a hole for the tack to go through, and they’re ready!

Because the epoxy is so thick, the furniture tacks were long enough to hold the labels up, and they looked nicer than screws or nails. Now you’ll have extremely durable, professional looking labels!

Happy decorating!


78 Responses to “My Classroom & Set up Tips”

  1. Marika Says:

    Your room looks fabulous, Emily… so warm and inviting! I want to come be in your class! :)

  2. Ruth Edwards Says:

    You are my hero, Emily!! Love it all!

  3. Jamie L. Says:

    WOW! I LOVE your room. It’s what I want to do to my room. Since my room already has a blue theme (blue carpets, blue chairs, although the walls are a light pink….) I wanted to keep it to a blue theme but felt so overwhelmed to totally start over. I wish I saw your room early on in the summer because it would have been the motivation I needed. You’ve motivated me to just do it and not be scared! Let’s see if I can at least get my bulletin boards to be only blue since school starts on Wednesday! :)

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks Jamie! I know what you mean–it is hard to know where to start, at least it was for me. I started with the bulletin boards and borders a few years ago, so I think that’s a good idea to start there (especially with kids coming on Wed)! The next year I painted all my furniture the same color. The class I took talked about only emphasizing what you really want the kids to pay attention to and putting your color there. They said the furniture and stuff should just blend so your eye goes over it, and it will make your room look bigger. Where you put the pops of color, your eye will stop and take notice instead of trying to notice everything! It took me awhile to really be able to do this because I was the queen of “stuff” before! I really do like my room so much better now, and since I spend a lot of time there, it should feel comfortable. Good luck with your room! I’ll look for your pictures on TBA!

      • Jamie L. Says:

        My eyes totally went towards the color in the room. Such a good idea and a “duh” moment for me. I’m waiting for my polka dot borders to come so I can at least change the bulletin boards. (Funny how many teachers like polka dots. It’s just so cute! :) ) So my old borders are still up just in case the borders don’t get here on time.

        Again, LOVE your room. :)

        Jamie @ Teaching Little Firsties!

      • Emily Says:

        Ha! I know exactly what you mean about a “duh” moment! :) That’s how it was for me too when I took the class. Be sure to post pictures of your room too! I’d love to see what you have now and how it changes when you get your new borders and stuff!

  4. Eve Says:

    Em your room looks amazing! Those kiddos are so lucky to get to learn in such an inviting, organized and creative environment!

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks Eve! When I was looking at my pictures, (because pictures give you a different way of looking at it then the real thing) I was thinking that my next focus (next year) for improvement would be the front of the room where the smartboard is. I don’t want anything too distracting, but I feel like it could use a little something. Maybe a swag or something to spruce it up? Since you are my decorating consultant, I was hoping you had some ideas! Let me know what you think! I’ve been looking through other teacher’s classroom pictures, and I just LOVE Kleinspiration’s room! I’ll email you the link, and maybe it will help you give me some ideas for the front. Thanks!

  5. Where did you get your book shelf that the labels are on? Was it homemade? Also the stickers you printed the book labels on, where can I get them (online? if so what name of them?).

    Love your room so inviting and HUGE!! I went from what I thought was a large room to basically a closet and now a portable and I am so jealous of the size of your room.

    • Emily Says:

      My husband did make my bookshelves for me–he’s so amazing! I don’t where you live, but he does make custom things like that for teachers. It’s nice because he can build it to fit the space you need! The labels are not actually stickers. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I just made them myself and printed them. I’d be happy to send them to you if you’d like them. Being in a portable is tough. I actually have a smaller room now than I did before I came to this school, so I had to learn to use every space I had wisely! Not having as much clutter and using black as the color to blend into the background really helped make my space look bigger too. In the class I took, they said only make the things pop that you want to draw kids attention to. The furniture and other stuff should blend in so your eye flows around the room. I used black, but I’ve seen other teachers use brown or dark green and it looked amazing! Good luck with your room!

      • Emily –

        I would love if you could send me the template for your bookshelf labels. This is exactly the design I am looking for. I am planning on decorating in black and red but your black and blue has me thinking about changing my mind. I love how happy it is.

      • Emily Says:

        Thanks! I’d be happy to send you my library templates. I’m back in school now, so I’ll send them to you this weekend. I can’t quite seem to find the time yet during the week! I’ll be sure to check out your blog for pictures too!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Looks wonderful Em, love the colors! My supervisor said she’s making her classroom dinosaurs this year, can’t wait to help her decorate (so excited to start)

  7. Nicole Says:

    Love the library and awning how-to’s! Just need a handy dandy man to get them made for me too ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lauren Says:

    Very cute!

  9. I love everything about the room…the pictures are calming, the color scheme is great!…nothing distracting and everything organized, makes you want to come in and learn!

  10. Delaine Says:

    Great ideas and your room looks so nice! Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Jodi Hammond Says:

    WOW!!! Your classroom looks beautiful! I love the warm and calming colors. It is certainly inviting!!! I am going to strive for an environment that looks like yours!!

    GREAT JOB!!!! Thanks for sharing. Jodi ~ Buffalo, NY

  12. Susie Says:

    Fantastic use of the trapezoid tables and I love the color scheme. So calm! Saw a photo on Pinterest.com and wandered over. I’m bookmarking your blog. :) Have a great school year!

  13. Daisy Says:

    What an amazing space you’ve created! I love all of your organization ideas and beautiful decorative touches. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Kristen Says:


    I love the black, blue and brown wall panels (with borders) in your classroom, and was just wondering what materials you used to create them? I will be setting up my first ever classroom in 2012 and would love to do something similar.


    • Emily Says:

      Thanks! I used black and white polka dot borders from a teacher store and the walls are covered in fabric. I just painted the furniture black so that the accent color drew attention and not the furniture. I got the little things like placemats and pillows at Target. I actually focused on having less (which is different for me because I used to be the queen of stuff!) good luck setting up your new room! It’s always fun to do! Let me know if you have any specific questions I can help with, and I’d love to see pictures of your room!

      • Kristen Says:

        Wow, thanks for the info and advice. And thanks for replying so quickly, I was expecting an alert in my email but it never came, so I didn’t realise until now that you had gotten back to me. Fortunately, I saved the link to your page and just came to look at your post again! :-)

        I do have another question, actually. I really like your idea of the Australia ‘Getaway’ Corner, but was wondering if you might know of a similar book from another country? I might end up using the same book, but as we are in Australia already I might need to alter the destination slightly lol :-) Maybe by making a tropical island setting or just a calm space..

        My transportable room has not arrived at the school yet, so in the meantime I might just start stocking up on black fabric! I will try to send you some photos once I’ve had a go at setting it all up, though. :-)

        Thanks again,

  15. Penken Says:

    Love Love Love the bookshelf. My hubby is handy. This might work out! Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas. I AM the Queen of stuff at my school and I want to declutter and have it stay that way. Any suggestions?

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks! My best advice to start decluttering is don’t be afraid to get rid of things! If you haven’t used it in the last year or 2, don’t keep it! With the new CCSS standards, I’m fairly confident they won’t change again anytime soon, do I organized my “stuff” based on that. I also made sure that everything I kept had a permanent place so I could always put it away. I used Debbie Diller’s book as inspiration to start decluttering, Spaces and Places, then the class I took to redecorate. Good luck! I’d love to see what you do with youre room!

  16. Thanks for sharing your dynamic decorating! I love the bookshelf, I plan to show it to my handy hubby. Please let me know how you managed to “declutter” and stay organized. I am a Kindergarten teacher who hates dealing with my piles and papers, etc. Thanks!

  17. Lauren King Says:

    I really love your bookshelves! I am a teacher in Thornton. I would totally be interested in checking out his designs!

  18. chair sashes Says:

    Hi there, simply become aware of your weblog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m gonna be careful for brussels. I’ll appreciate for those who continue this in future. Lots of folks will likely be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  19. Tina Says:

    What size is the box that is under your Smartboard? I have firsties and we all are short. No one sells these step boxes. Love yours!!!

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks! My husband made it for me–I couldn’t find any for sale either! He made it to fit my smartboard and the baskets I already had (from really good stuff), so it is 4feet wide by 8 inches high, by 12 inches deep. It is perfect! Depending on where you’re from, he does make/sell custom furniture for classrooms as a hobby. It’s expensive to ship though, so probably not worth it if you’re far away.

  20. vicky Says:

    Hi there you are just brillant! I love your entry way and your “Australia” space…I had to pin it. I will like you on fb…great ideas!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

    • Emily Says:

      Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! I did find the ideas other places and just made them my own. Please let me know if you try any of these ideas. I’d love to see how it turns out!

    • Emily Says:

      Wow! Thanks so much! I checked out your blog too and became a fan on facebook! I’m looking forward to reading your blog too!

  21. Lynnie C. Says:

    Thank you so much for your ideas! They are great not only for schoolrooms, but for little vintage campers that don’t have much room in them! We are always looking for decorative ways to store things, and your labels are just the best….we weren’t even looking for that, we were on the search for awning ideas to begin with, and we think, with a couple of small modifications, your awning will be just the ticket. Mucho thanks!

  22. Vonda Pergande Says:

    I LOVE your room! This is my first year teaching second grade, coming down from 10 years of Jr. High, and I’m still using trial and error to arrange my room to fit our classroom needs. I wish we had tables instead of individual desks. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks so much! Good luck setting up your room! Sometimes if you ask for things you’d like, such as tables instead of desks, your principal, or janitor, or someone comes through for you! It’s worth a try . . .

  23. Jennifer Says:

    I love your room! Could you please email me the bookshelf labels? My husband is so going to make those for me this summer.


  24. Kari Says:

    Hi there,
    I love your awning! I have a question though. Is that regular posterboard or foamboard? I’m just curious because it would seem that plain posterboard would buckle. Also, if it is plain posterboard, do you just tape the stuff instead of pin or staple it? Sorry for so many questions.

    • Kari Says:

      Ah, I looked at your pictures again. I saw the cardboard backing and then I enlarged your picture to see another fold in the board. Now, I realize that it is a tri-fold board. Now, I have a new queston. Did you paint the board blue or is it BB paper, or something else?

      • Emily Says:

        It is actually fabric. I just used adhesive spray to put it on, but I’m sure painting or butcher paper would work too. I’m just a fan of fabric because I think it stays looking nice longer. Let me know if you make one! I’d love to see how it turns out!

    • Emily Says:

      Hi! Yes, it is regular poster board which is necessary to you can fold the awning down. The other fold on the poster board doesn’t fold up when I put it on the wall. To hang it on the wall, I used furniture tacks. They’re longer than regular thumb tacks, so they will go through the poster board and the wall and hold everything up well. I just did a google search for furniture tacks and ordered them from a company online. They were inexpensive, and they work great!

  25. Amanda Says:


    I am
    Doing my classroom polka dot themed for next year. Where did you buy your borders? And where did you buy your book library shelf?

    • Emily Says:

      Hi! I got my borders at Lakeshore, and I’m sure any teacher store would probably have them. My very handy husband built and painted the bookshelves for me. If you are handy or have a handy husband too, we can let you know how he built them. If you live in CO, he builds them for others too, but they’re too big and heavy to ship. :)

  26. I ran across your blog through google and I love your ideas! What did you use to put your material around your desk and other items in your room to hide everything. I want to cover my desk but not sure what to use.

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks! I just used the cheapest fabric I could find at Walmart or Hobby Lobby and cut them to size. For the taller shelf I bought curtains at Target and used a tension rod to put them on. I do suggest using one of those roller cutting wheels and a cutting mat to cut the fabric though (you can find it in the sewing section) because it is almost impossible to make a straight cut with scissors! I used sticky velcro to attach it to the sides of the table so I could take it off at the end of the year and throw it in the washer. When the sticky stuff stopped being sticky, I used a hot glue gun to restick it to the fabric. I hope you can make it work for you too!

  27. Katie Says:

    How do you attach the awning to the wall once you’ve made it?

    • Emily Says:

      I used furniture tacks to hang it up. They are twice as long as a regular thumb tack so they go through the poster board and the wall and it stays put. I just googled furniture tacks and found a store online that I could order from. They were pretty inexpensive, and I love using the furniture tacks to hang other things in my room. They work really well!

  28. Stephanie Says:

    HI! I love the awning idea and read through all the responses, but still have a question…How far into the poster board did you fold the awning down? Also, you said in one response that it was just plain posterboard? Not foam-board. Is that correct?

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it! It is not foam board, just plain poster board that kids would use for a science fair project, so it already has 2 folds in it. I used one fold for the awning, and I did not use the other fold. When I hung it on the wall with furniture tacks, I tacked the 2nd fold straight, not bent (does that make sense?!)I hope that helps! I’d love to see your finished product!

  29. Mora Conn Says:

    Thank you for all your great ideas. I will be able to implement alot of your ideas in my Kindergarten classroom. This has been very helpful!

  30. Bridget H Says:

    I love your classroom and especially the awning. How did you get that to hang outside your room?? I have tile walls outside in the hall and can’t figure out how to hang it. Thanks!

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks! My wall isn’t tile so i used furniture tacks. You might try a hot glue gun for a tile wall. The awning isn’t very heavy, so it might work. Good luck!

  31. Rebecca Says:

    I used your picture (with a link and credit) on my blog. I think you are okay with that, but I know I like to know if people are talking/blogging about me! Your awning is officially my first “pin” that I actually took from pinning on Pinterest to real life. And the wooden dowel? I bought it, and my husband comes out and says, “Gee, I would have used a set of hinges.” I told him that you did and your husband suggested the dowel. lol
    In the end, though, the dowel wasn’t straight enough, so guess what I used? Foam triangle pattern blocks!

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks so much Rebecca! Youre right, it is nice to know when someone is blogging about you! That is so funny that your husband said to use hinges! I’m so glad you told me about the dowel rod. I’m making a smaller version of the awning to go over my CAFE board in my room, and I was going to use a dowel rod. The triangles are an awesome idea! I’m definitely going to do that for my new awning! Thanks for the advice! I checked out your post, and your awning looks awesome!!

  32. Leticia Says:

    Love your classroom…especially your awning!
    Would you please let me know HOW you hung it on the wall? Thanks!

    • Leticia Says:

      Oops! Just saw the other post!

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks! I used furniture tacks to hang it on the wall. They’re extra long, so it went through the poster board and the wall. I ordered them online, but this summer I saw them at ACE hardware. They’re great for hanging lots of things!

  33. ssparkman Says:

    Your labels are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing your ideas–they will be well used ^_^ Happy teaching!

  34. Dina Says:

    Wow! I had planned a polka dot theme this year but this is way better! It still keeps with my obsession with the dots but it make it so much calmer and relaxing. And thanks for all your great tips and love that it came with pictures. And again….Wow!

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks so much! It’s easy to do, but I think it has a big impact! Polka dots in any color are easy to find right now. I’d love to see your room when you have it ready to go!

  35. Angel Says:

    How did you get the material to stick to the trapezoid table? Mine did not stay.
    I love your labels – they are adorable. I just have one concern – Why did you not use capital letters where needed?

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks! I’ve tried a variety of things to keep the fabric on the trapezoid table, and the simplest thing has been hot glue straight on the fabric. I’ve tried Velcro & a few other things & they all work about the same, and hot glue is less steps & less materials. You can also easily take it off when necessary. As far as the capitals go . . . The font I used was like that! It made
      caps look that way! I was too far down the road by the time I got to a label where it really mattered, so I left it alone. A god lesson to learn from me!

  36. Dorothy Says:

    Love your classroom! Do your trapizoid tables come with built in desks or did you make them?

  37. Stephanie McInnis Says:

    I just love your bookshelves. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Would your husband be willing to share the materials and an idea on how he put it together. Thanks so much!

  38. susan embach Says:

    I found your posting by way of Pinterest. I’m setting up a new classroom and was looking for some new decorating ideas. I immediately felt like we were on the same wavelength. Then I read about you and I understood. I taught at Lone Tree until 2 years ago and that is where you got your inspiration. I am still sticking with most of the HET environment but I especially like your “spin” on things. I am using your color scheme and a lot of your ideas. Thanks so much for posting.

  39. Sharmon Shealy Says:

    I love your room set-up. I’m moving from a large room to a portable and a new grade. I don’t know where I will put all my books. I would love the labels if still available. Thank you for your inspiration.

  40. Terri Adams Says:

    I had thought about the epoxy treatment…now I know how to do it! The labels look great! Thanks.

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