Featured Book Friday: Teammates

Teammates by Peter Golenbock

The book is about the friendship between PeeWee Reese and Jackie Robinson, during the first season Jackie played baseball with the Dodgers.  Peewee Reese was the only teammate to stand up for Jackie when no one else would.

~Book review written by Laurie Foote

Curriculum Connection: Social Skills/Rules

The lesson ideas for this featured book is by guest author Laurie Foote. Check out more great ideas from Laurie at her website: http://chickadeejubilee.blogspot.com

It seems a strange book to start the year with, but I love baseball and the Dodgers, so it helps my kiddos make a connection with me as well.
We are then able to discuss how we are all different…because of where we are from, what we like/dislike, and so many other things, and yet work together as a team, within our classroom.  Students pair up into “teams” and make venn diagrams comparing the differences and similarities they have.  Then, like Peewee, we talk about how our “team” stands up for each other and what that might look like in daily life at school.

One thought on “Featured Book Friday: Teammates

  1. Great idea Laurie! I think this is a wonderful book to start the year with in order to build that “team” foundation. I used to have baseball as my classroom theme–I wish I had heard of this book sooner; it would have fit in perfectly! It would also be a great book to use during black history month. Thanks for sharing!

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