Coffee Break with Emily: Thinglink Summer Challenge #2

coffe pic.001

Thinglink Summer Challenge #2: Collect & Curate Incredible Content

For the Thinglink Summer Challenge #2, I created a Teacher Task Library. This is a place where you can collect and organize resources that you may want to use for a unit you’re teaching. Each little hot spot contains a variety of media–links to lesson plans, pictures, blog posts, websites, videos, etc. Click on the picture below to see the content I have collected for a space unit. Make sure you click on the complete lesson plan I wrote for this unit. It is currently a featured lesson on!

A task library using Thinglink is a great way to differentiate and share resources for yourself and students too. You can also change the setting to allow anyone to add to your interactive image, so students can all add to the same task library. This is one of my favorite uses for Thinglink! Sometimes I have so many different resources from so many different places that it’s a mess to keep them organized. I will be in a new school district this year, so I decided to use Thinglink to collect ideas and resources for different ways to teach a standard. Since I work with kids K – 5, I wanted to collect resources all in one place for standards that are aligned, and it is open for others to add to it as well! I’m really excited about this because I think it will help me stay organized in my lesson planning. Whenever I come across something connected to this standard that I don’t want to forget, I can easily add it to this Thinglink and so can others. I will make a different one for each standard I teach this year. Feel free to add something good!

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