Teacher Mama: Sticky Sand

Sticky Sand

A rainy day in the middle of summer is a blessing and a curse. The trees love it, but my 2 year old cutie is not so happy about it! So today I’m sharing a teacher-mama activity that I found on pinterest thanks to Growing a Jeweled Rose. We brought one of my son’s favorite outdoor activities inside–sand! Thanks to the recipe I found on Growing a Jeweled Rose, we turned our normal sand from the sandbox into amazing sand-art! We pulled out the play dough tools and other molds to make some awesome sand sculptures. My son’s favorite part was knocking it all down of course!

image (2)


The texture was interesting . . .

image (3)This must be how they make those amazing sand castles on TV because they hold their shape very well!

photoIndoor fun on a rainy day!


Sticky Sand Recipe:

5 cups sand

3 cups all purpose flour

1 cup vegetable oil

This is great for toddler sensory and discovery. I wonder if we can find a use for it in the classroom too? Any ideas?



4 thoughts on “Teacher Mama: Sticky Sand

    • Great idea! In my son’s big sandbox we buried “dinosaur bones” and he uses paint brushes to “excavate” them. That might work for you! There are some very realistic dinosaur bones or fossils sold at Michaels, I believe. Can’t wait to see if it works for you!

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