Quick Tip: Use Google Forms to Organize Your Parent Volunteer Sign Up

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I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s time for many of us to start getting ready to go back to school! But you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money printing papers and mailing them to parents (which may or may not make it back to you). Here is a quick technology tip for getting parent volunteers signed up easily and efficiently.  Click here to watch a tutorial for embedding a google form into your classroom website. Click here to make a copy of this form for yourself! Once you make your own copy, you can personalize it for your classroom. Here’s hoping your ‘Back to School’ rush is productive and efficient!volunteering in the classroom: Use a google form

6 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Use Google Forms to Organize Your Parent Volunteer Sign Up

  1. This is such a terrific idea! I helped one of my teachers last week set up a technology survey on a Google forms for parents to fill out. She was wanting to find out of she could send technology based homework home;) we embedded it into her classroom website!

  2. I’m planning on using a Google form at Back to School Night this year to collect parent contact information. I’ll have a QR code for them to scan to access the survey, and I’ll have several iPads available if they don’t have their own devices to use.

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