Monday Made It: Better Late Than Never

I’ve been working so hard making things, that I haven’t had time to post them! So I’m going to do an all-in-one pinterest show! I’ll try to make sure I give credit to where all my ideas came from . . .


My hallway display–scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, and the use of my cricut! (Click here and here for the pinterest-inspired posts)


My parking lot–I love it! It really cuts down on random questions! (Click here and here for the pinterest-inspired posts)



Flipped labels–they go so well with my classroom! (click here to find them)

IMG_1010   IMG_1057

I got the rods and clips from ikea for $2 each! (Click here for pinterest-inspired post)


Clipboard refurbished with duct tape! (click here for the inspiration for this project)



Mini clipboards made with chipboard and a binder clip! (click here for directions)


The highlighter cup–from the dollar bin at target & click here for the sign


Our “scoreboard” which we use for transitions– made with smiley faces from melonheadz illustrating and my cricut (from whole-brain teaching)


Personalized binder clips–they really help keep me organized! (click here for the pinterest-inspired post)


These have worked out great! Click here for directions.

lunch money envelope

These have come in very handy when kids turn in their lunch money! (Click here for the pinterest-inspired post)

Here are a few of my own ideas that have come to life . . .



Happy DIY decorating!!

14 thoughts on “Monday Made It: Better Late Than Never

  1. Great ideas! I did have a question about the first picture titled “2nd Grade Masterpieces,” is the outside polka dot border duct tape? If so, is that wall regular drywall and does the duct tape ruin the wall?

    • Thanks for checking it out! It’s actually not duct tape. It’s just regular border. I got it at a teacher store called Beyond the Blackboard, but you can probably get it anywhere. Good luck!

  2. For the first post of 2nd grade masterpieces, You used wrapping paper as the background? and then used like card stock on the front? then used regular boarder around the edges and then included ribbon going throughout it with clothes pins? Just trying to figure out how you did it. I plan on copying it. It looks great!

  3. How did you create your fonts? Was it done on a Cricut or did you buy the fonts in a pack? I LOVEEE all of your stuff!

  4. Awesome room! 🙂 It is all Fabulous…I especially LOVE the 2nd Grade Masterpieces Wall!! How did you get it all to STICK??? lol! That would be so helpful for hanging their papers up this year. Thanks! 🙂

  5. What did you use to make the 2nd Grade Masterpieces display? &&& How did you get it to all STICK and stay up there? lol!

  6. I was wondering if you could post your email. I have a couple of questions about the masterpiece board and about some organizational stuff you have in other pictures. I have looked everywhere for some green and blue totes for my kids and then saw one in the picture with your blue gift bags you sent home with parents in 2012 post. Thanks! 🙂

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